The more ColdFusion unit tests I needed to run, the more I wanted to have a nice interface where I could only see errors or failing tests, and that it would allow me to selectively run tests. That is why I created cfcUnit Runner, a Flex application to run cfcUnit tests. I believe it could also used to run CFUnit tests, but CFUnit will need to implement a service façade that Flex can use.  You can read more in the project's page and use the forums and bug tracker of RiaForge. I have a live demo where you can see it running and I also made a short movie that shows all the features.

Live application (Flash Player 9 required). View source on right click enabled

Recorded demo

Download Application

Source (Flex 2)

CFDJOur Flex "My To-Do List"  tutorial has been published in the June issue of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal (and we made the front page!). It can be read online and the source can be found at the project page.

Although simple, we tried to be as complete as possible for "your first Flex app". It shows how to use the CF wizards, use events, create custom components and use the RemoteObject tag to send and retrieve data from the server.

The winners of the Flex Developer Derby contest have been announced last week. We are happy to say that our Home Locator was selected as the winner of the Product configurators/self-service guided applications category. There were many good entries, which are no longer shown at Adobe Labs. I think they will post them all at Adobe again when they get updated to Flex's final release. You can view the winning entries of the six categories in this article: Announcing the Flex Developer Derby Winners.

Update: Actually, the entries are still there, just not linked from the main page: Flex developer entries

Thanks to everyone that attended our session. We hope you enjoyed our fighting on stage :) and you found the topic interesting. We think that Flex is an amazing product that speeds up the RIA development a lot.

As we promised, you can view the slides at CFUnited 2006 presentation. We also have the source code of our To-do list application for download (you can download or view the source). We forgot to say that the To-do list will be also published on CFDJ as a step-by-step tutorial. We will post the link to that when they publish it.