Now that we have strict typing in ActionScript 2.0, the compiler complains whenever we try to assign a value to a variable that doesn't match its expected type. That is easy to see in the following example:

I made a class ( Container ) that holds any kind of data. Since it is very generic, it only knows that it holds an Object.
This class also has a method ( getItem() ) that returns that data. So if we try to assign the return value of getItem() to a reference of a type other than Object, the compiler will complain:

var c:Container = new Container(new Array());<br />
var i:Array = c.getItem();

the compiler will throw an error like this:
Type mismatch in assignment statement: found Object where Array is required. var i:Array = c.getItem();

So the solution for this is to cast the returning data to the class that we need. We have two options:

Option 1 var i:Array = Array(c.getItem());<br />
Option 2 var i:Array = (Array)(c.getItem());

Both works very well except when you try to cast to your own classes, not the built-in ones. To show that, I made another class ( Item ) and a test class ( TestCasting ) that shows this behavior:

Option 1 var i:Item = Item(c.getItem());<br />
Option 2 var i:Item = (Item)(c.getItem());

The first option runs without a problem, but the second doesn't. It simply assigns "undefined" to the variable without the compiler complaining. So it's obviously better to avoid the second option. I used to do it that way because it always works in Java, but not in Flash. You never know when these little things will jump on you.

For a better understanding, I put this example in a zip to download.

I made an AS2.0 class that implements a similar interface to the Java List Iterator. This class is useful for going through every element in an Array, but without the famous i++ variable. A nice use of this class is when you have a loop on an EnterFrame so that you don’t need to maintain the variable i across the frames but simply evaluate hasNext() and call next() if there are more elements.
If you want to know more about this Interface you can take a look in the Sun site.
You can download the source and an example.
You can view the code in the browser.
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