You know what they say about all work and no play! We've been very busy here with projects and deadlines, so it's nice to take a little break and post something fun and revealing! We've been getting ready for next week's Adobe MAX conference in Chicago, and Nahuel had T-shirts made to help us promote Fill Colors. Check out the cool design and us modeling our new shirts. 

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As my first post, I'd like to introduce myself as the newest member of AsFusion! Laura and I have been friends and classmates for years and I'm excited to be joining Nahuel and Laura as they take AsFusion to the next level. I'm not a Flash or CF developer, but I'll be helping them manage their projects and posting regularly to the blog to keep you apprised of all the latest and greatest going on here! 

Laura and I just came back from the Adobe on AIR Bus Tour when they stopped in LA.  Adobe is promoting their Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), formerly known as Apollo, which is in Beta right now and the 1st release is expected soon.  For those who aren't familiar with AIR, it's technology to allow you to deploy rich internet applications to the desktop.  To give you an idea of the kinds of fun stuff you can do, I shot a clip of a great demo by Lee Brimelow:

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Macromedia was well known for being able to reach to the developer community. At the time of the merger, people were afraid that Adobe would not be able to maintain Macromedia’s openness towards developers and users of their products.

I think the opposite happened and we started to see more and more Adobe blogs, public betas and community-reaching activities. I think they might be even more open now than Macromedia was, with things like the Adobe Labs, just to give an example.

We have experienced that first hand, at 360Flex, thanks to Ted (and of course the people from Ebay and Yahoo!) and also by receiving an unexpected gift from Mike Potter on behalf of Adobe, the ActionScript 3 Cookbook by Joe Lott. So thank you both for a great conference and a great gift!

Just a quick note to say that we are in Las Vegas at MAX. This is such an out-of-the-ordinary place! Everything is huge and you get lost very easily even inside the Venetian.

Ben has been telling everybody not to miss tomorrow’s keynote, so I hope to be there on time, although I don’t really like to get up too early.

If you would like to say hi to us, we hope to see you around, or you can catch us tomorrow during the "Meet the sponsors" reception at Universal Mind's booth.

BlingoBelieve it or not, people actually win on Blingo, a search engine that gives out prizes (link contains my referral code). Some time ago, I won an iTunes gift certificate and now I won an iPod Nano (I would like to thank Maria and Achtepa for that). I use Blingo almost exclusively now and since it is powered by Google, you get similar (if not the same) results you get from Google. I usually search directly from Firefox's search box so I added it to the list of providers and set it as the default. Also, if any of your "friends" win, you win too!