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Built-in validation in cfform is great, but sometimes, it is a little inflexible. What happens if we want to require a State field only if the Country field is US? There is no "built-in" way to specify such a thing. But there is a simple technique we can use. As always, use these tips only if you know what you are doing ;), as they may have side effects.

The key is to call the following when we want to disable the validation on a given field. We may want to call it when other field changes its value for example.

mx.validators.Validator.disable( this, "myFormName.myFieldName");

In order to enable it back, just call

mx.validators.Validator.enable( this, "myFormName.myFieldName");

Note that if the validation that you want to disable is “required”, you will not be able to get rid of the red star next to field.

The complete code:

<cfsavecontent variable="disableValidation">   
   mx.validators.Validator.disable( this, "myform.phone");

<cfsavecontent variable="enableValidation">
   mx.validators.Validator.enable( this, "myform.phone");

<cfform name="myform" format="Flash">   
   <cfinput type="text" name="name" label="Name" required="true" message="Name is required" />
   <cfinput type="text" name="phone" label="Phone" required="true" message="Phone is required" />
   <cfinput type="button" value="Disable validation on phone" name="noVal" onClick="#disableValidation#" />
   <cfinput type="button" value="Enable validation on phone" name="val" onClick="#enableValidation#" />       
   <cfinput type="submit" value="Submit" name="submit" />   

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  1. Neil Bailey
    Did you read my mind, my post on the MM forums, or are you just.....really, really smart :-D... I have been trying to figure out this very damn thing ALL WEEKEND!!! Thank you SO much..... I cannot even begin to imagine the rates you guys must get....... the stuff you come up with...
  2. Holly Jones

    Holly Jones

    Thanks - another roadblock knocked down by asfusion!
  3. William
    I too had some posts on Macromedia about this issue and was about to sit down and write you guys and email asking for advice.

    Thanks so much for your help - you guys are life savers!
  4. Neil Bailey
    Laura (or Nahuel), can you give me any suggestions for (drastically) cutting load time? I have a MONSTER RIA that is just taking way, WAY too much time to load. Any suggestions would (as usual) be very much appreciated.
  5. Chris Velevitch

    Chris Velevitch

    Hopefully, this will give me a clue on how to solve the at least one checkbox is required problem.
  6. Neil Bailey
    Chris, I have about 11 seconds worth of experience with AS, but couldn't you do something like:

    if (!chk_first.selected && !chk_second.select && !_chk_third.selected) {alert("Some kind of user message");} else { formName.submitForm();}

    in the onClick action of a button - label the button SUBMIT or whatever, but don't make it a type="submit".

    But, again, I have been working with AS for like a week, so definitely check it out w/ someone who has a bit more experience.
  7. Neil,
    First check if whether it is not compiling each time. You can check if the name of the swf generated is the same ( cached ) or it's always different ( it gets compiled each time ).
  8. Simeon
    Its great to be able to enable and disable the validation. Is there something we can call to have it run its validation on a particular field? other than submitting and validating the whole form?

    That would be killer.
  9. Neil Bailey

    Its generating a new SWF file every time; I know there's gotta be a setting I am missing... can you give me a firm push in the right direction?

  10. Mike
    While on the subject...does anyone know how to validate an ENTIRE form WITHOUT submitting the form? I already found the method that Simeon referred to but that can get tedious for a large form to validate each field manually with AS. Surely the CFFORM is using some function that I can simply call?

  11. Laura
    You can call
    mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'myFormName')
    to trigger validation on the entire form (only enabled fields will be validated)
    That function will also return true if all the fields are valid or false otherwise.
  12. Perfect! I Cannot tell you how many different versions of that line I must have tried. Now I can remote the data instead of the page getting refreshed!

    You should blog that little gem.

  13. Thought I would post the completed code. Here is the code for an onClick action to validate a form.

    The icing on the cake would be to also get the listing of errors like CF by default.

    &lt;cfsavecontent variable=&quot;performValidation&quot;&gt;
    var validForm = mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'formName');
    if (validForm == false){
       //Show Alert
       alert(&quot;There are errors in your form. Please go back and check the highlighted fields for errors.&quot;, &quot;Errors Exist&quot;);
    else if (validForm == true){
       //action to perform when form is valid

  14. Laura
    If you want to completely emulate the way cfform does it by default, call
    userOnError() (although it is one of those hacks that may change in the future)

    <cfsavecontent variable="performValidation">
    var validForm = mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'formName');
    if (!validForm){
    //Show Alert
    else {
    //action to perform when form is valid
  15. Laura,

    Thanks again for the help. I actually found userOnError(); in the mxml soon after posting.

    Pressing on,
  16. Neil,
    You have to avoid using cf logic inside your form or the savecontent or actionScript statements . For example you can not use cfif or any cf tag or variable that may change in each request. Actually the easiest thing is to use pure actionscript :)
  17. Laura
    yes, you must set it as:
    theNameOfTheQuery.dataProvider = results;

    the name of the query is the query that populates the repeater.
    I will make an example of that when I get a minute.
  18. Neil Bailey

    At least tell me my questions are good ones that make you think for a second :) I appreciate your help more than you can imagine.

    We have a dynamic set of panels that we're building w/ a repeater, and inside the panels, we need a series of checkboxes that are unique to each panel. These checkboxes are pulled from a database, and we cannot seem to come up with a way to do this w/ AS and as a result, our load time is ridiculous.

    What we basically have now is:

    <cfloop query=something>
       <panel label="#name pulled from query">
             get new data based on original query
          <cfloop query=inner query>
             <checkboxes built from inner query>

    can we do the above using only actionscript, and cut my load time, am I outta luck?
  19. Casey A

    Casey A

    This is about the closest post I've found to something I'm working on.

    First off, I'm really new to CF, I'm a VB guy so I can muddle my way through this!

    Here's the issue, I would like to enable/disable certain form elements based upon specific cfselect options. I'm sure I need to use an onchange event to enable/disable the other cfselects, just not sure how to go about it...

    Here's an example:

    IF Q3=1 THEN Q4 AND Q4_COMMENTS enabled=yes, else q4 and q4_comments enabled=no value=""

    <cfselect queryposition="below" label="Mid-Year Delivered Timely" name="q3" query="auditYN" value="respValue"
    display="response" width="200">
    <option>Please Respond</option>

    <cfselect queryposition="below" enabled="no" label="Please Explain" name="q4" query="auditReason"
    value="reasonID" display="reason" width="200">
    <option>Please Respond</option>

    <cftextarea type="text" enabled="no" name="q4_comment" width=200 height="50" label="Please Clarify">Please Clarify...</cftextarea>
  20. Fernando Martel

    Fernando Martel

    Ok guys...i have been using for quite a while now....i found it by analyzing a cfdump of the flash form and it has been working for me quite well. It checks if the structure is valid...If it is it creates a pop up with messages, otherwise, it submits, or does whatever is required.

    if(!mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, "#arguments.form#"))
                   var errors = CFFormValidators.getInValidFields();
                   var msg = "<ul>";
                   for(var key in errors)
                      msg += "<li>" + errors[key]["message"] + "</li>";
                   msg += "<ul>";
                   errorpopup = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(this, FormErrorException, true, {message:msg});
  21. Fernando Martel

    Fernando Martel

    to enable all field validations....this works well

    for(var key in <yourform>)

    If only certain fields need to b enabled...i sometimes use a val_<fieldname> for all of those and then do something like this:

    for(var key in <yourform>)
          if(key.split("val_")[1] != undefined)

    or, since disables fields dont get validated, u cant try disabling the ones u dont want b4 validating..any questions just ask...
  22. Fernando Martel

    Fernando Martel

    this is a workaround for the bug that happens when validating selects....if a select is invalid, and one chooses and value, the red border will stay...whihc is incorrect...this is a CF function that will fix it when put on the onChange of any select to b validate (requires 2 params, form name, field name:

    <cffunction name="validateSelect" hint="Fixes validation error for drop downs">
       <cfargument name="form" type="string" required="yes">
       <cfargument name="formE" type="string" required="yes">
          <cfsavecontent variable="validateSelect">
             if(#arguments.formE#.selectedIndex != 0)
          <cfreturn validateSelect />

    nothing fancy....
  23. Casey A

    Casey A

    Using a CFGrid...One of the fields in the grid needs to be unique. How can I prevent users from entering duplicate entries on the form, rather than having it crash on the SQL side all of the the users changes being lost?
  24. Casey A

    Casey A

    This is a standard field, not a select.
  25. brainDead


    Is there a way to create a validation model in cfform like you can in Flex?

    <mx:Model id="myModel">

    if (!mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, "myModel")) {
    validator.validationError("modelInvalid", "There are invalid inputs to
    the web service.", null);
  26. Laura
    I don't think it is possible. But what I do is to disable all fields and then enable some. I keep the list of group fields I want to maintain together and then I loop over a particular group's list to enable them.
  27. Jeff
    I have an issue with validating, whether I disable or enable the grid on my form for validation, I lose my selection on the record every time I validate. This causes my form fields (text boxes) to clear as it is boundto the grid, any ideas? Thanks.
  28. Jeff
    Sorry, fixed it, had to pass a reference of &quot;this&quot; to the function via the button click and refer to as myThis Ref, example: mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(myThisRef, &quot;theForm&quot;)
  29. Brook
    My Goal: Use custom validation WITH the built in highlighting of a field on error with rollover error message

    Two Questions: Does anyone know how to add a custom validation type to the list of supported validation types? Is there a way to do it server side in the cfformvalidators.as?? I can't seem to get any changes made to that file to have any effect. Or is there a way to somehow use custom JS to do some validation and then add that field to the inValidFields array so that the field has the red outline and the error message on rollover?
  30. Jut
    I think it's important to note that the mx.validators.Validator.enable() and disable() functions only work if the form fields are set to required="true" when initially rendered.

    If the fields are initially set to required="false", then the enable and disable functions don't seem to change the validation property. Can anyone else confirm this?

    My goal is to create form fields that appear and disappear depending on previous choices. If they appear, I want the fields required. If they don't appear, they're not required.
  31. TREX
    I am not new to ColdFusion but I am new to using flash forms, activescript, and the cfgrid tag. On a test form, I am using mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'myFormName') to validate the form. However, when a cfgrid is on the form, that method only validates the currently selected row on the grid. How can I validate a cfgrid so that: 1. No blank rows are submitted and 2. All required fields for ALL rows are populated. I tried placing a loop around mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'myFormName'), i.e.

    for(var i = 0; i < mygrid.length; i++) {
    var validForm = mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'formname');
    if (!validForm){
    //Show Alert
    else {
    //action to perform when form is valid

    but that doesn't seem to work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  32. Matt
    Hi Guys,
    Can anyone help?
    I need to be able to validate 4 tick boxes in a cfform.
    The validation must work as follows:

    At least 1 of the four tick boxes must be ticked.
    If not then returns a message box stating at least 1 tick box must be ticked.
    Any combination of the 4 tickboxes can be ticked.

    I have been looking at javascript to do this but i really want to keep it in Flash, for consistancy.
    Any ideas help would be appreciated.


    BTW Just love this website, i have learnt soooooo much, keep it up guys.

  33. Chris Velevitch

    Chris Velevitch


    The easiest way to do this would be to initially make all tick boxes required and when one is ticked make all of them not required (via onClick) and if all of them get unticked make them all required (again by onClick).
  34. Eugene
    Guys, Thanks a lot!
    I have another problem. There is a required field in CFForm. When I hide this field (make it invisible), the asterisk is still there (visible). How can I hide it too? Any ideas?
  35. Neil

    I'm certainly no expert, but I HAVE built my fair share of CF Flash form apps. The way that I would handle this would be to place the field in a form group (I would probably try a tile), and then instead of hiding the field, hide the entire tile.

    You'll definitely need to play w/ the height and width attributes of the tile to make it so that it doesn't screw up the alignment of the rest of your form.

    Hope this helps, sorry if its a waste of time :)
  36. Hi Guys,

    I am really new to this and some of what has been posted has totally confused me..but baby steps..baby steps...

    I am struggeling with alligning labels by the : so it would all line up like thus:

    First Name:

    So I figured out how to do it with cfformitem. However when I make its corresponding text field required the asterisk goes all the way to the left of the label in the cfform item. Below is the code if you want to see it.

    My question is: How do you make it so it will validate the required but not show and *

  37. Laura
    As fas as I know there is no way to get rid of the * if you set it as required
  38. Mike Givens
    I figured out the "toggling" of the red, required asterisk on and off. I add an id attribute to the cfformgroup (in this example, fgpEquipDesc) that "contains" the required cfform field(s) and then use syntax like:

    this.fgpEquipDesc.required = true; // to turn the asterisk on
    this.fgpEquipDesc.required = false; // to turn the asterisk off

    <cfformgroup type="page" label="Equipment List" style="verticalGap:4">
    <cfformgroup type="horizontal" label="Do you have Equipment?">
    <cfinput type="radio" name="Equip" onClick="{(Equip.selectedData == 1)?toggleRequired(3):null}" label="Yes" value="1" required="Yes" message="You must answer the question - Do you have Do you have Equipment?">
    <cfinput type="radio" name="Equip" onClick="{(Equip.selectedData == 0)?toggleRequired(3):null}" label="No" value="0" required="Yes" message="You must answer the question - Do you have Do you have Equipment?">
    <cfformgroup id="fgpEquipDesc" type="horizontal" label="Please List the Equipment :">
    <cftextarea name="EquipDesc" width="300"></cftextarea>
    <cfinput type="Button" name="btn4" value="Continue" onclick="moveTab(4)">

    ActionScript code:
    function toggleRequired(iTab) {
    switch (iTab) {
    // other case statements omitted for brevity
    case 3:
    if (Equip.selectedData==1) {
    this.fgpEquipDesc.required = true;
    } else {
    this.fgpEquipDesc.required = false;

    A demo is at:
  39. binouch



    mx.validators.Validator.disable(); is very usueful but it doesn't work for a form that is not format='flash' would any know an equivalent to format='html'. The reason why i want to do this is because i have a form with two submit buttons, one that submits the form and the other that would let the user save the entries that are already there.
    Any one would have an idea on how to do that?

    Thank you in advance.
  40. Laura
    No, that only works in flash forms. There are many ways of doing what you want, the easiest is to have the same action page, two submit buttons and then check in the action page which of the two was clicked to know what to do with the form data.
  41. James McArdle
    Eugene, to get rid of the astericks use the following code in an onload event.

    this.parent.indicator_mc.alpha= 0;

    adios asterick ^.^
  42. Kristin


    For making a group of radio buttons required based on another field, why couldn't you use <cfinput type=radio required={myTextField.text != '' ? true : false}>. I use it for making the horizontal group with radio buttons visible and it works, but I get an error about simple values when I try using it for making a group of radio buttons required.
  43. Laura
    You can't do it like that because required fields work differently. "visible" is simply a property of a control, which can be simply set to true/false with ActionScript at runtime, like you are doing in your example. "required", however, it is not a simple property. It is set at compile time, using additional mxml tags (see Validator), so it cannot be just set true/false at run time using the required attribute (which is only used by the compiler to create the necessary mxml tags if required is true)
  44. Kristin


    Thanks for explaining. I suspected something like that, but I wanted it to be as easy as the visible property. :)

    Thanks for having such an awesome site!
  45. Ken
    In some instances you may need to hide the form field and thus disable the validation and the *

    If you try this code, it does this. But and interesting thing is if you uncomment out the second textarea, the * is always displayed. I have tried the this.parent.indicator_mc.alpha= 0; code and am unable to get it to work.

    Any ideas ???
    <cfform name="myform" format="flash" ACTION="">
       <cfformitem type="script">
       function showField(){
          var textarea1 = textarea1;
          var textarea1label = textarea1label;
          textarea1label.text='Text Area 1';
          mx.validators.Validator.enable( this, "myform.textarea1");
       function hideField(){
          var textarea1 = textarea1;
          var textarea1label = textarea1label;
          mx.validators.Validator.disable( this, "myform.textarea1");
       <cfformgroup type="Panel" height="400" width="400">
          <cfinput type="text" name="textarea1label" value="Text Area 1" visible="no" height="0" width="0">
          <cftextarea name="textarea1" label="{textarea1label.text}" required="Yes" height="100" width="100">This is a textarea.</cftextarea>
          <!---<cftextarea name="textarea2" height="20" width="100" required="yes" label="Text Area 2"></cftextarea>--->
          <cfinput type="Button" name="btn_hide" value="Hide Field" onclick="hideField()">
          <cfinput type="Button" name="btn_show" value="Show Field" onclick="showField()">
  46. Mike Givens

    Mike Givens

    Ken, how about this?
    <cfform name="myform" format="flash" ACTION="">
    <cfformitem type="script">
    function showField(){
       mx.validators.Validator.enable( this, "myform.textarea1");
       fgpTA2.visible = true;
       fgpTA2.required = true;
       fgpTA1.required = true;
    function hideField(){
       mx.validators.Validator.disable( this, "myform.textarea1");
       fgpTA2.visible = false;
       fgpTA2.required = false;
       fgpTA1.required = false;
    <cfformgroup type="Panel" height="300" width="400">
       <cfformgroup id="fgpTA1" type="horizontal" label="Text Area 1" visible="Yes" style="marginLeft:0">
          <cftextarea name="textarea1" required="Yes" height="100" width="100">This is a textarea.</cftextarea>
       <cfformgroup id="fgpTA2" type="horizontal" label="Text Area 2" visible="No" style="marginLeft:0">
          <cftextarea name="textarea2" height="20" width="100"></cftextarea>
       <cfinput id="btn_hide" type="Button" name="btn_hide"
          value="{(fgpTA2.visible==true)?'Hide Field 2 / Remove Required on Both':'Show Field 2 / Make Both Required'}"


    You can try it at:
  47. James McArdle
    Where did you put that code Ken? you might wanna try it in an onload event for the form. so like.

    <cfform name="myForm" format="Flash" Action="" onload="init()">

    <cfformitem type="script">

    function init()


    Email me if you have any problems I will try and help.
  48. Ken

    Yes, thanks for that. I knew about this, but this would then require code to actually do the form validation which I was trying to avoid. It seems to me that my example code should work. I just don't understand that when another field is include the * is left.

    I was trying this in the function to hide the field.
    I coppied your code and included a field, still did nothing that I could see the * was still there.

  49. James Mcardle
    slight modification on my part.. its _alpha.. sorry. I have tested this and have been able to actually hide the *. there is a tracer for flash forms out there which helped me find out what to hide.. I'll see if I can find the link.
  50. James McArdle

    code ;p

    <cfform name="testform" format="flash">
       <cfformgroup type="panel" label="Astericks of Doom" width="300">
       <cfinput type="text" required="yes" name="myText_txt" width="100">
       <cfformgroup type="horizontal">
          <cfinput type="button" name="test" value="Asterick off" onClick="myText_txt.parent.indicator_mc._alpha=0;">
          <cfinput type="button" name="test2" value="Asterick on" onClick="myText_txt.parent.indicator_mc._alpha=100;">   
       <cfformgroup type="horizontal">
          <cfinput type="button" name="test1" value="Field off" onClick="myText_txt.visible=false;">
          <cfinput type="button" name="test3" value="Field on" onClick="myText_txt.visible=true;">

    Can't make it much simpler than that.
  51. Jeff
    I am currently trying to switch my flash coldfusion pages over to submit by flash remoting. I am having a problem with only validating the fields for a particular tab. I thought that if I could disable all of the fields and then enable validation for the ones on the corresponding tab then the my Update function would work. After this is done, all I would have to do is loop over all the fields and reistablish the validation on them. I followed a previous blog by Fernando Martel (starting at #23 of this page)and tried to use his code. I am having a problem however, I can't get it to disable all of the fields. I tried to set up an alert for the "key" which spits out all of the form fields. When I do "profile.key" in an alert all of them return as undefined. Is there something that I am missing? Any help is appreciated.

    Thanks for your time.

    function validate(UpdateType, item1, item2, item3, item4, item5, item6, item7, item8){
          for(var key in profile){
             mx.validators.Validator.disable(this, _root.profile.key);
          if(UpdateType == 'Personal'){
             if(!mx.validators.Validator.isStructureValid(this, 'profile')){
  52. Kristin


    Does anyone know how to create validation for entries in a cfgrid? For example, how to check in Actionscript that a value is null? I tried a hundred different ways, but none seem to work. Is there an Actionscript equivalent to isDefined()?
  53. Troy
    Hello all. This seems like it would be an easy question, and one that would have been covered all over the Web, but I am coming up with nothing. I hope this is the appropriate thread...it was the closest one I could find on this INCREDIBLE site.

    OK...now the question. How come when I set an input to both required=true, and I add a mask, the field starts out with a red border on load? Also, if I set a validation and also a mask, as I am STILL TYPING the data, the border goes red as soon as it fills in the first literal in the mask.

    Any ideas how to work around these issues, or are they just the way it is? If so, I would call that a large defect in the great UI and Human Factors tools that using Flash should be offering us CF developers.

    Thanks in advance!
  54. Kevin
    How about this?

    This is great, but how would you disable parts of the form when a tab of the tabnavigator is selected?
  55. Mike Givens
    Kevin, to disable parts of a form when a tab is selected, first, give the cfformgroup an id like this:
    <cfformgroup id="fgpEquipDesc" type="horizontal" label="Please List the Equipment :">
    <cftextarea name="EquipDesc" width="300"></cftextarea>

    Then you'll be able to use ActionScript to toggle the section, fgpEquipDesc.enabled = false, based on your business logic; toggle, fgpEquipDesc.enabled = true, when the rules are met.

    Here's an example: http://webcfmx.no-ip.info/prototypes/CFFlashExample2.cfm

    Work your way through the tabs and on the last one, Safety/Training, if you answer 'Yes' to the first question, a second question will be enabled. You'll also note that the tabs are 'inactive' until you complete each section.
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  57. Dan Fredericks

    Dan Fredericks

    Please, can anyone help me with this:
    I am using cfform type=flash. I am using the required = yes and message = blah blah blah.
    When the error message displays, i only see 4 letters of my message, not the whole message. Is there a reason why my message box displays only a few text characters, and can I fix this problem?

  58. Dan Fredericks

    Dan Fredericks

    adding to my question, i figured out why my message did not work. on the page inside my cfform i had this code:
    <cfformitem type="hrule" width="75%" />

    when i removed this code from my page, the message error displayed properly. Why would this code mess with required="yes"?

  59. Duane Hardy

    Duane Hardy

    Is there a way to write this so that it shows within the flash form validation popup?

    <cfsavecontent variable="verify">
    if(password.text != confirm_password.text) {
    mx.controls.Alert.show('Password and Confirmation Password do not match!','Error');
    return false;
    return true;
  60. Duane Hardy

    Duane Hardy

    Is there a way to write this so that it shows within the flash form validation popup?

    <cfsavecontent variable="verify">
    if(password.text != confirm_password.text) {
    mx.controls.Alert.show('Password and Confirmation Password do not match!','Error');
    return false;
    return true;
  61. James
    Thanks, I have been looking everywhere for something like this. This is exactly what I needed.
  62. James
    If anyone was curious how to do this for html forms I wrote this to acheive that:

    JS Function to place in head
    <script language="javascript1.2">
    function checkcc()    {
       if ( document.form1.usecc[1].checked == true )
       return (true);

    <cfinput type="text" name="ccnumber" message="Please enter valid credit card number" onvalidate="checkcc" size="20" />
  63. Gail
    Love this code! Used it on my dev machine (xp with IIS5 and CF MX7) and it runs beautifully. When I put it on my PROD machine (win2003 IIS6 with same CFMX7) and it wont work- any ideas?

So, what do you think ?

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