CF widgets WeatherWith the release of flash 6, we started hearing about the benefits of the RIAs, the marvels of a web application without refreshing, the "one page" interfaces, etc. By the time version 7 was released, Flex and Lazlo (ok, Lazlo was first) began to show the advantages of developing a RIA without the flash IDE. Now we have NeoSwiff (in beta), Xamlon (in Beta), Ajax (in JavaScript), xul (from Mozilla foundation), etc.

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One of the missing controls in the cfform is the slider. It's something that we don't use every day but sometimes we need it.
So I made a cf custom tag that creates a slider for that purpose.

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It was an amazing conference and we want to thank Cornel Ivanescu and all the people that made this event possible. The sessions were excellent and the hotel was incredible (picture below).

We also enjoyed giving our presentation a lot.
We met a lot of people and it was a pleasure talk with other developers. I can not wait for the next year, I think it will get better and better.

We made a zip file with most of our examples and some extras that we forgot.
We have the slides online if you want to view too ( required minimun resolution 1024x768 ).

Thanks again.