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It's possible that AsFusion was bitten by the app bug. Soon after releasing Conqu, we decided to create another app called OnePound. This app was smaller and less ambitious than Conqu so we were able to complete it in just a few weeks time.

OnePound is a weight tracking app for Android tablets, BlackBerry PlayBook, and the Nook. We decided to target these platforms specifically because we felt a decent app was not available in those markets.

When we set out to create OnePound, we wanted a design that was aesthetically pleasing to both men and woman, and easy to use. We didn't want to force a user to switch between data entry screens and graph screens. We didn't want users to have to change the orientation of their device to see different screens. As those types of interactions--although neat at first--get rather tiresome once you start using the app. Instead, we created OnePound to use a single screen where you can add new weights and see the chart updated instantly.

OnePound includes the most requested features for weight tracking apps: features like the ability to set a goal and track your progress along the way. It also calculates your BMI based on your height and weight automatically. You can also choose between US or metric units of measurement.

We are very excited about releasing another beautiful application into the market and look forward making more great apps just like OnePound.


Mark Aplet


  1. Mark Madrazo

    Mark Madrazo

    I am looking forward to getting Pound.
  2. Dave Zehner
    Have to say how much I enjoy using your program Conqu that this is the first time I've ever given an indorsment. I used to go between programs and their (to-do) lists. Using Conqu which only focuses on creating, tracking, and completion of tasks is great and gives ms the opertunity to soley focus on what I need to get done.
    Thanks alot and keep up the great work. Dave Z
  3. Laura
    Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the compliment regarding Conqu. It is much appreciated!
  4. Donna Dube

    Donna Dube

    Looking forward to using the OnePound app!!!!!
  5. Website


    I've been using this app and I love it! It's kept me honest and on track for my weight loss goal. I'll be keeping this on my phone for the foreseeable future.