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I installed the secure certificate, browsed the website with all the browsers I have, everything worked fine. But guess what, I missed one small section of the website when testing it with IE. Since I don’t use it, I never noticed anything. I got a call from the customer saying that it was not working, but only when using IE. What? Flash not working with IE? I am used to CSS not working in IE, but Flash?

Making a long story short, the fact was that the movie wouldn’t load under https, but would load fine under http. I finally found that all the files under that directory were not getting cached thanks to the content expiration setting in IIS, and that, combined with SSL, made IE not able to load the Flash movie.

Changing the content expiration setting from “immediately” to a small period of time solved the problem.




  1. Jeremy
    Have been having trouble with flash content not showing up in internet explorer but only on a windows machine. Tried the java fix for new active x update, but my problem is bigger than that. I get nothing at all, but remember only in IE for windows. Can't make any sense of flash content not appearing at all for IE. Would love some suggestions on this problem. Thanks.
  2. George Lu

    George Lu

    I've got a blank screen occasionally when loading the Flash Form. I've list the records in a html table. The strange thing is it loads the flash form (movie) from most of records (when you click an update link) but just won't work for one or two records. Can anyone explain this and point me out how to fix it?

  3. frank fernandis
    When I reload and I see a small player sized window (like an iframe) in the page with my 404 page in it. I’ve created my audio folder in the root directory and this happens to the included test.mp3 as well as my own mp3. I can’t figure out what I’ve done wrong.
  4. nikki
    my youtube and all coordinate of movie are answer always me not loaded this movie????how to fix this problem??
  5. Sherry


    Upload the swf file along with the html file u have upoaded.
    Also open the html file in notepad. See other requirements.... if any upload it too....... it will work..

  6. Jimmy Abu Al Denien

    Jimmy Abu Al Denien

    "flash on FireFox says on a right click Movie not loaded... How do I fix this?"
    Hii All, i have the same Prob.. wt can i do??
    Plz Try to replay to my e-mail: [email protected]
    maybe this will help: "<embed src="pix.swf?xml_path=sslides.xml" this is my code.
    thx in advance..
  7. Mansoor


    My swf (flex) runs fine via the generated HTML when I open it from Disk in IE/FireFox etc, but when I host it on the local IIS it stops loading the movie, I only see a blank grey area. I have been unable to solve this for the past three days....someone please help !
  8. Schubert


    I use Adobe Flash CS4 to create a SimpleFlash, published it to a SimpleFlash.swf, then I double click the SimpleFlash.html, nothing. Then I right click SimpleFlash.swl, open with "Adobe Flash Player 10.0.r2", still nothing. I right click either inside IE or "Adobe Flash Player 10", I can see the dimmed "Movie Not Loaded...". I use my existing old swf to test then all are good in either IE or "Adobe Flash Player 10". Anybode know what happened?? Thanks.
  9. Mansoor


    Schubert try to find out if you have referenced any resouces(images/audio) which the swf can not find when you run it in IE, debug version of flash player works very well on fire fox in prompting specific errors , try that if you can not figure out anything.
  10. Sjoerd
    This solved my problem. Thanks alot!!

    I've ran into exactly the same problems (https, ssl, IIS 7) and not able to display swf in IE7. Firefox worked fine.
    Setting expiry to something > nothing fixed it.

  11. Octan
    I faced a similar problem, sometimes it was loading sometimes just a white screen. The problem was in javascript and not in flash. Some spaces and a # solved my problem. Check your code.
  12. Quasim
    Check if you have uploaded your .swf file with your .html file to the cpanel/directory.
  13. DWOEHR


    Using Chrome with Windows 8 - the note - 'movie not loaded' is now appearing after working fine for months on a commercial website, Anyone have a fix?? .