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We're pleased to announce the formation of 2 new user groups in Orange County, CA (aka "The OC").  They are the OC Flex User Group and the OC ColdFusion User Group.  For those not familiar with the OC, there is a high concentration of technology companies and high-tech industry and research here, that has earned the area the title of the "Silicon Coast".  The area does get overlooked sometimes because we are sandwiched between our much larger neighbors, Los Angeles and San Diego, so it's nice to have user groups serving our very active local developer community here.

We just launched the OC Flex User Group as part of a joint effort with Juan Sanchez and Rich Oren, of Atomic Curve, and Bill Thompson of PADI, and it became official just within the last week.  We're really excited and going full steam ahead, with the 1st meeting on November 1.

The OC ColdFusion User Group was started by Steve Farwell a couple of months ago and he is doing cool things like hosting online presentations broadcast live with Adobe Connect.  We will be at their next meeting on October 18.  

There is a lot of work involved in starting a user group and building up membership, so it's great having our two new user groups promoting interest in the technologies we love and learning from one another.  Even if you're not in our local area, like Steve is doing, we hope to have online presentations for anyone to view anytime, anywhere.  So, whether in person or online, we hope to see you in one of our upcoming meetings!  Well, we are off to Adobe MAX now!




  1. Luis Majano
    Hi, we also started our CFUG here in the IE back in July. We meet at Cal Poly Pomona, www.iecfug.com.
    So maybe we can interchange speakers and cross promote ourselves. Let me know.