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As many of you have noticed, we have changed the design. We did it for the CSSReboot on May first.
We spend a lot of time making it more usable and at the same time making it look nicer. I think it’s much better than what we previously had.

I’ve just finished fixing some bugs and now it validates both XHTML and CSS (maybe same old pages break).
But there are more bugs to fix, and we also need to retouch some old posts and finish the archives.
The layout is pure CSS, no tables, and we are using some Ajax to preview the comments. I hope you like it.

By the way, we have a home page now :)

Update:It looks like the guys from CSSRemix and CSSMania added As Fusion to their galleries, thanks ;)

Nahuel Foronda

Nahuel Foronda


  1. Mark
    Wonderful job. I love the colors and the layout. I knew you were both coding geniuses but I am quite impressed with your artistic skills. Way to go with the CSS as well. It can be difficult to get the CSS to validate and look good in IE and browsers that are NOT crap. (Sorry a little IE frustration coming out)

    Thank you for all that you do. You are truly an inspiration to the web & application development community
  2. Joshua


    Looks great, was curious what you guys are planning to do about the Active X Patch issue (or have done) concerning the CF Flash Forms in many of your examples when using IE 6+.
  3. Nahuel
    Thanks so much for your comments, we really appreciate them.
    Mark: I know what you mean, IE is not my best friend, but with some effort now we have a good relationship :)