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  1. Neil
    What the HECK is the EOLAS issue? Have I just been living in a cave somewhere?? This is the fourth or fifth time I have seen a report that this updater fixes the 'EOLAS' issue, and I have never even HEARD of the 'EOLAS' issue!
  2. Ryan
    EOLAS was a company that supposedly had a patent covering objects/attachements in html. The idea being similar to what we do with flash inside of the browser. We call the object with html and embedd the object in the page and the flash just runs. Unfortunately, EOLAS got a patent that most agree they shouldn't have received.

    They sued Microsoft. They fought. They argued. Microsoft lost after years. I'm not even sure what the final legal outcome was. However, MS is paying the company $600+ million dollars...and, changing the way their browser calls the objects.

    Unfortunately, Microsoft has changed the way Internet Explorer works and running embedded Flash and other nifty widgets has now changed. Slightly. For most developers they can make a minor tweak to their html and all is fine. Because CF makes the code to call the flash form however, it needs tweaking on the server side. Hence the Adobe fix.
  3. Neil
    Is that what this whole "click to enable this object" thing is all about? All of a sudden, we have to click onto our flash forms to "activate" them.... Very new behaviour and I haven't had much time to delve into it..
  4. Pete
    Where can you actually download the new ColdFusion MX 7 Flex Connectivity Updater - 7.0.2? I can only find 7.0.1? I can't see it on the Adobe Labs download page... Can someone point me in the right direction?
  5. WayneG
    I just have a question relationg to this update. When I updated the CFMX 7 server all seemed to be fine. Howvever when i wanted to use cfreporting there was a compile error. I then had to roll back the CFMX 7 which inturn worked.

    Are there any knowen bugs regarding this? I havent found any thus far

  6. forgetfoo
    i'm not sure this is the right spot to ask some questions, but what the hell... ;)

    i've been working on a site and really wanted to use the flash-based CFFORM uploader, which i think is just great -- but i see that it prompts you to "activate" the flash object that's embedded in the webpage... is there any hack or workaround on that one? been looking around the Net and haven't really found anything overly useful.

    on a sidenote, i was curious how or what you used to add the "text-in-picture" function here in the comments -- that's another great feature that i keep seeing all over the place, and been curious about it... is there a CFC out there to handle that? if so, is it easy to incorporate into your webapps?

    sorry for the run-on [OT] questions, just been curious ;)
  7. Michael


    Here's a good description of the EOLAS issue: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eolas

    I certainly hope that Adobe can implement a workaround for ColdFusion (and soon) because I think alot of people (like me) are counting on it. I'm just getting started with ColdFusion Flash forms, and I would hate to have to go back to HTML forms just because of this issue. It's really unfortunate that this had to happen with Adobe about to finalize Flex 2. Flash forms are also one of the main reasons my organization upgraded to CFMX7 in the first place.
  8. Laura
    What you see is due to this patent problem. For flash forms specifically, there is no workaround. We need to wait until the updater is released (it is still Beta at this moment).
    Regarding your second question... I think you already found the answer since you now have an avatar :) Gravatar's website shows CF code on how to add it, it is actually pretty simple. For this blog, we are using a plugin for our Mango blog engine.
  9. Matt
    Forgot to write what that last post is for...
    It's a workaround to not have to "click here to activate" the embedded objects. I don't know if this works in ALL situations, but it does work at least with the security settings I use.

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