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We've finally arrived to DC!

Today, we will be presenting Flex 2 and ColdFusion integration. It is an introductory session, so if you are wondering what Flex 2 is and how to integrate with ColdFusion, we hope to see you there.

Flex 2.0 and ColdFusion Integration

In this session, ColdFusion developers will learn how it's not CF or Flex, but rather how Flex and ColdFusion integrate to create RIAs. In "traditional" applications, CF connects to external systems, processes business logic, and builds an HTML presentation layer. In an RIA, CF still connects to external systems and processes business logic while Flex is used to construct a richer presentation layer delivered by the Flash Player. In this session, you'll see how the two technologies integrate and get a first taste of Flex development. You'll learn next steps for orienting yourself to Flex and common gotchas encountered by CF developers new to Flex. While previous experience with Flex is not necessary, knowledge of ColdFusion components will be helpful for this session.



  1. Jason
    Yes, it will be great if you could share the presentation here.
  2. jolson
    Hey guys, I'm consistently amazed by your work. You've done some amazing things with pushing the boundaries of Flash Forms and your home locator application is incredible. That said, I was at CFUnited and was a bit disappointed in your presentation. It wasn't so much the language barrier as much as it was the on-stage bickering. It appeared as if the two of you couldn't decide on what you wanted to present in the fashion you wanted to present. I left feeling as if I had just witnessed a married couple bickering on stage.

    I only point this out because I feel that if the two of you agree to a presentation outline beforehand and maybe run through how exactly you want to present to the audience in advance then you will surely have a session that will bring the house down. Thanks for everything you give us on this site and I only mean to provide constructive criticism so you can do better next time.
  3. Michael White

    Michael White

    Is there any chance of some "getting started with flex" tutorials in print or your blog like the CFDJ article on the contact manager app you did for flash forms? I just bought flex builder 2 and the charting stuff and I'm desperate to feed my brain...