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I feel like a star. I was interviewed by John and Jeff of The Flex Show podcast about Mate Flex Framework. They have a very interesting interviewing style, where they ask you a question and then you go for like... 10 minutes, then they ask you another question, and so on. It's good because you don't get interrupted, which would be bad if you are trying to have a coherent thought. Not so good if you don't have much to say. Thankfully, I was able to manage it, I think :)

It is difficult to be able to give an overview of the framework by just telling about it, but if you are interested in trying Mate, it is a good high level overview.

You can listen to the podcast directly from their site, subscribe in iTunes or similar to their RSS or download the MP3 file directly.




  1. Jeffry Houser
    It was great to have you on Laura. We often find that if we don't interrupt people they just keep talking.