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It seems that 2008 will bring a lot traveling for us. First, I will present a session at cf.Objective() in early May and then I will present at WebManiacs towards the end of May. We also hope to attend 360 Flex in Atlanta and most likely 360 Flex in SoCal closer to home.

This will be our first time at cf.Objective(), but from what we have heard, it is the best conference for advanced ColdFusion topics. They have added a track for RIA development too, so I thought it was the perfect opportunity to give a session about our new Flex framework (Mate) to broaden the Flex framework horizon in front of such great audience.

It is also our first time at WebManiacs. The opposite has happened with this conference, since it used to be called "FlexManiacs", but now they have added a whole new conference for ColdFusion topics and added AIR sessions to the mix. I would actually recommend to attend to both (CFManiacs/AirManiacs and FlexManiacs/AirManiacs) with a great 5-day pass at a discounted price. 

Session information:

Using Mate, a tag-based event-driven Flex framework

Mate is a Flex framework that leverages the tag-based MXML language to provide an easy to read map that defines how your application handles its events. It solves the common problems developers encounter when creating Flex applications, from small to enterprise, such as retrieving data from external services and handling business logic.

In this session you will learn what Mate is, when to use it and how to use the debugging tools provided. This session will also cover best practices and real world examples. Although Mate can be used with any server side technology, emphasis will be placed on how to use Mate to communicate with a ColdFusion backend and LiveCycle data services.

I hope this gives you some curiosity about Mate. We'll be posting more information about it in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!




  1. Sean Corfield
    The cf.Objective() team are very excited to have you coming to speak about Mate - and I've received a few private emails expressing excitement about your session too!
  2. Laura
    Thanks Sean!
    I didn't know there was so much expectation. I hope I don't have too much jet lag at 9:00AM that day!
  3. Matt MacDougall
    Hi Laura ... I'm trying to find a copy of Mate to do some testing. Is this released yet? Looking forward to your cfObjective presentation ...

  4. Laura
    Hi Matt,
    Mate is not released yet, but we are working on it. :)

    Thank you for your interest and I hope to meet you at cfObjective()!
  5. Josh Rodgers
    Hey Laura,

    Did you guys decide on 360Flex yet in Atlanta? I am thinking about going myself just curious if you guys will be there or not.

    C ya,
  6. Laura
    Hi Josh,

    With deadlines coming up, we have decided not to go to Atlanta. We have our bets in a 360 in Southern California :)
  7. Faisal Abid
    Hey Laura , Im dying to get my hands on mate , it would be great if you can send me the link :D

    faisal at g-unix dot com
    abids underscore r underscore us at hotmail dot com
  8. Laura
    Hi Faisal,
    We are getting the site, examples, diagrams, etc ready. I will definitely let you know when we start inviting people.

    Thank you for your interest!
  9. Paul
    Hi Laura,

    Just listened to CFWeekly podcast and I'm also interested in Mate sound like just what I am after. Shame I can't get to cf.Objective().

    Looking forward to the release.