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If you have a site that uses Flash and ColdFusion, don't forget to submit it at Powered by Detroit Flash/CFM Contest. You only have a few days left until February 1st.

The available categories are:

  • Application
  • Art
  • Experimental
  • Technical Merit
  • Video

We'll also be speaking at the conference in the server side track. Our topic will be ColdFusion Flash Forms in Depth. So if you are interested in knowing about the new Blackstone Flash Forms, you are invited to attend.

Nahuel Foronda

Nahuel Foronda


  1. Paul Garza

    Felicidades Nahuel, ojalá y pongas un resumen de como estuvo su conferencia y el envento en general.

    saludos !!
  2. Nahuel
    Si, voy a ver si luego pongo las slides de la conferencia y alguna que otra foto :)